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"No home is ever too small or too large when CHR is on the job."

Before you begin searching for a repair or renovation contractor, take the time to learn what type of services Custom Home Renovations has to offer that will work best for your needs.

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Chad Rodgers established Custom Home Renovations, Inc. in 1995. CHR has gone to great lengths to meet all requirements according to the professional guidelines issued by the State of Tennessee. State requirements may seem to be enough when selecting a company to renovate a home, but it is not enough for CHR. Instead, CHR takes pride in all endeavors to go beyond the call of duty by being . . . Licensed-Insured-Bonded.

Chad Rodgers, along with partner Shawn Eden, who joined the company in 2002, is extremely serious when it comes to maintaining a reputable business establishment. You will not find them walking around a fancy showroom or sitting behind a large desk in a leather chair. Instead, Chad, Shawn, and their crew are always in the field. By having hands on control, it ensures every project is being taken care of exactly as it should be, personal yet professional. Due to the quality demanded by Chad and Shawn on every project, scheduling could take a little longer than anticipated. Unfortunately this is a small portion of the process to achieve quality work. The only thing this team will ask from future consumers is a little patience.

Certainly, life would be easier if the same set of standards were in place for every business. There are also no doubts that mistakes would be far less, and consumers would be a lot happier. But happiness can sometimes be hard to find when searching for a qualified contractor. At the same time, no one should feel they must ever settle for second best.

Longevity, trust, and quality are all far more important to find when a home is about to undergo the re-construction process. CHR takes pride in offering all three qualities to every homeowner. But the list doesn't end here. CHR also provides over two decades of quality craftsmanship experience to every project, ensuring client satisfaction, that will continue far into the future.

The State of Tennessee provides consumer assistance to verify if a contractor is a licensed business and meets all additional state compliances. This should be verified before you welcome someone into your home.

When its time to give a weary neglected home a sparkling new life, call CHR. Chad and Shawn will be more than happy to review all of your home renovation ideas or repairs, to see if CHR is the company for you.

Call Chad Rodgers at Custom Home Renovations for the right people and the right business ethics to provide your home with the quality it deserves.

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